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Srijana - From “Our Study Place,” to college, and back again

Born into a poor rural family, Srijana and her siblings attended school but had little support from home. To make matters worse, while their father was abroad working as a laborer, their mother deserted them.

Thankfully the Nepali non-profit Console Mission reached out to Srijana’s family. Her fees, uniform and school supplies were covered through a grant from DDHCFN. After school she attended “Our Study Place,” a place of refuge from stress and a source of help with homework. Before long she was volunteering to teach the younger children who attended as well.

When Srijana passed her Class 10 exams in 2019, Console Mission assisted in procuring a 3-year vocational scholarship for her to study Food & Dairy Technology in the city. She returned to her village for short visits and helped out at “Our Study Place” when her own courses were canceled due to the pandemic. She also organized a food distribution program to help alleviate hunger during the first wave of Covid19.

Upon graduation Srijana hopes to work for a company that helps small farmers market their produce and milk in a way that ensures a fair price.



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