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Health Assistant Scholarship Recipient Now On-Staff

Organization:  Shanti Nepal, Dhading

In brief:  Shanti Nepal, a long-time partner of DDHCFN, began in 2003 with the vision to serve in the rugged district of Dhading.  Over two decades, Shanti Nepal’s dedicated staff of health and social development workers have engaged with residents in poor, marginalized communities to bring about positive change. This change is sustainable through intentional partnership with local government and non-profit organizations. Shanti Nepal’s integrated approach has resulted in increased access to primary health care, improved sanitation and hygiene, and overall better quality of life.  


One of Shanti Nepal’s newest staff members, a Dhading native trained as a health assistant through support from DDHCFN, now manages a local community health clinic. His scholarship was made possible through the collaboration with Minority Focus, which matches needy, deserving young people pursuing vocational/technical degrees.

Workshop: Women’s Mental Health During Covid-19 

Organization:  Nepal Mahila Bishwasi Sangh


In brief:  Founded in 1993, NMBS is a well-respected Nepali organization. Some of its key activities include training and advocating for women and girls, especially in the areas of reproductive health and gender-based violence.  NMBS reached out to DDHCFN during the recent pandemic, indicating a growing need for counseling and mental health support for women impacted by Covid19.  A small grant enabled the staff to conduct a workshop to 32 women who then shared their knowledge with others in their communities.

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