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Project Objective: to enable children from extremely poor and marginalized families to attend school and complete their education.

In brief:  Scholarship funds are channeled through trusted Nepali partner organizations. They select the scholarship recipients, pay for their school-related necessities and monitor their progress. Currently 14 school children receive DDHCFN scholarships. DDHCFN recently made a new commitment to support students pursuing vocational/technical training as well. Three young people were chosen as the first batch. This  sponsorship is made possible through Minority FOCUS, an experienced organization committed to enabling disadvantaged youth pursue education for the good of themselves, their families and their communities.

Children's Sustainable Education & Literacy Project

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Organization:  Console Mission


Project Objective: to motivate children to remain in school, and provide scholarships for impoverished children in Bhattedanda


In brief: Console Mission, a multi-faceted Christian organization registered in 2010, selected 12 girls from extremely needy families in one of its rural working areas. Each child receives approximately $8 per month to cover school-related expenses. Many of these children walk long distances from their villages to the government school in Bhattedanda. For this reason, Console Mission is hoping to help each village construct simple “study centers” where students can gather to do homework and receive tutoring.  Funds are needed to ensure the students are supported for the duration of their school years. This scholarship program is monitored regularly by Console Mission staff.

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