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Scholarships for Tikapur


Organization:  Welfare Association for Children, Tikapur (WACT)

Grant:  $1700 per year

Project Objective: to increase access to education for 20 children from former bonded-labor families (a marginalized, impoverished community)

In brief:  WACT, a registered Nepali Christian non-governmental organization has provided a home and schooling for disadvantaged children from the Tharu ethnic group in southwest Nepal for over fifteen years. The grant from our Fund enabled WACT to assist 11 girls and 9 boys to pay for school uniforms, books, supplies and tuition. The scholarships will continue until each student completes his/her education. Local WACT staff monitor their progress and reports to the Board of Trustees of the Fund. In addition to promoting children’s education, WACT has also developed programs in adult literacy, primary health care, nutrition, income generation training, and women’s group development, resulting in its recognition as one of the most outstanding NGOs in Nepal.

Children Sustainable Education & Literacy Project


Organization:  Console Mission


Grant: $1200 per year


Project Objective: to motivate children to remain in school, and provide scholarships for impoverished children in Bhattedanda


In brief: Console Mission, a multi-faceted Christian organization registered in 2010, selected 12 girls from extremely needy families in one of its rural working areas. Each child receives approximately $8 per month to cover school-related expenses. Many of these children walk long distances from their villages to the government school in Bhattedanda. For this reason, Console Mission is hoping to help each village construct simple “study centers” where students can gather to do homework and receive tutoring.  Funds are needed to ensure the students are supported for the duration of their school years. This scholarship program is monitored regularly by Console Mission staff.

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