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Tailoring Training

Sahara Tailoring course (1) (1).jpg

Organization: Rise & Shine

Project Objective:  to provide tailoring training to young widows with children, empowering them to support themselves and gain social inclusion


In brief:  Rise & Shine, a Nepali organization registered with the government in 2011, seeks to uplift widows and their dependents. Our grant provided support for a 6-month tailoring training program. The three graduates were able to make a living with their new skills. In addition to running this project, Rise & Shine also offers training in candle and soap-making, and conducts a women’s micro savings program.

Sewing Course


Organization:  Sahara Nepal

Project Objective: to provide widows and destitute single mothers with a livelihood and sense of self-worth


In brief:  Sahara Nepal, a registered non-profit founded  in 2001 by a Nepali Christian nurse, offers sewing and knitting training to women in desperate situations. Connected with a local church, the organization offers a 6-month course for groups of 20 trainees taught by a skilled graduate of the project. In addition to the grant received from DDHCFN, Sahara Nepal charges a minimal registration fee and receives assistance from the host church’s social services fund. So this is a model joint endeavor with a sustainable future.

Bead Jewelry Training

Bead Jewelry-making Training2 (1).png

Organization:  Hope for the Future

Project Objective: to build self-confidence and skill development among marginalized women so they can live a life of dignity


In brief: Hope for the Future aims to promote sustainable development for the most needy in Nepali society through training, rather than through monetary gifts. With a grant from DDHCFN, two 8-day trainings for 30 women were provided as part of its “capacity-building project.” Participants included women who were orphans, disabled, poor, or low-caste. They learned jewelry design and production, using locally-available and affordable beads. The training was such a success that there is a great demand for more workshops.

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