Sewing Machine Maintenance Training

Organization:  Disabled Welfare Association

Grant: $1000

Project Objective: to provide skill training for disabled people without a source of employment


In brief:  Every village has a tailor, but when the foot-pedalled sewing machine breaks down, who can fix it? The Disabled Welfare Association, established in 1993, recognized this need, and set up workshops to train disabled people in this skill.  For many of them it was the first time in their lives they could earn money for themselves. The result was a sense of independence and value they had never experienced before. This organization has previously supported training in tailoring and handicraft-production, and has provided wheelchairs, crutches and artificial limbs.

Strengthening Elderly Shelter Homes

Organization:  Console Mission

Grant: $2000

Project Objective: to serve a daily nutritious meal at homes for the elderly


In brief: As society changes in Asia, an increasing number of elderly people are left without familial support. In Nepal, those who are abandoned or penniless move into “ashrams” in Hindu temple compounds. These centers - often located near cremation sites - are run by priests or caretakers who provide basic necessities from the gifts donated by worshippers. Support is sporadic and management is unreliable.  The Nepali Christian organization, Console Mission is reaching out to three temple shelters where 90 elderly reside. The project provides one nutritious meal of porridge, milk and fruit per day, as well as basic medicines. As funds are available, staff also provide training to caretakers of the centers and place interns to assist. Console Mission’s dream is to transform the shelters into safe, loving homes for the elderly.