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Sabina, A student-turned-teacher at “Our Study Place”

Sabina completed Class 10 in her village, and wasn’t sure what to do next. Her sister had gone to the city for tailoring training, but Sabina wasn’t keen to follow her. Instead she chose to study education at the vocational school in her district.

As she studied and reflected on her own educational experience, Sabina was aware of the difficulties faced by children whose parents are uneducated. They get behind in their schoolwork and have nowhere to turn for help. She decided to take time between her own classes to tutor the neediest ones in her village.

Once she completed her courses, Sabina arranged parents’ meetings to explain the benefit of starting an after school program like “Our Study Place” which DDHCFN partner Console Mission had started in other villages. They were supportive, and so a new “Our Study Place” opened as a result.

Sabina currently runs the program with the help of a friend and with support from Console Mission where she gets supplies and a stipend for rent.


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