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Out of the Doorway

Maya would walk her little brother, Babu to school everyday. The journey took between 30 minutes to an hour, depending upon the weather and the state of the path along a ridge in the hills of central Nepal.

Once they arrived, Babu would go in with the other children for a day of studies. Maya was supposed to return home to help with chores. This was because ever since their father had died, their mother could not afford the minimal fees required for both children to remain in school.

As the days passed, Maya would linger in the classroom doorway, listening to the lesson. The teacher noticed her there. He knew her family situation — one that forces many Nepali girls to miss out on an education — and felt sorry for her. Many times he invited her to come in and join the class, but she refused.

So he spoke with the principal, who in turn contacted an organization that speaks up for Nepali girls. This DDHCFN partner, Nepal Mahila Bishwasi Sangh provided support that enabled this little girl to finally step inside the classroom.

Maya no longer stands in the doorway. She now has a seat in the front row of the class.



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