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Meet Smriti Gharti

Smriti Gharti is an orphan girl whose father died and mother eloped with another man, leaving her to take care of her four brothers and sisters in the very remote, poor village of Rukum.

She was recommended for a CMA scholarship through Shanti Nepal, one of our partners. Since completing her studies, she is now employed as a health worker

and is able to care for her brothers and sisters, and is also supporting her mother.

Scroll through the photos below to see Smriti engaged with her new role.

1. Smriti helping with blood pressure checkups at the health clinic.

2. Smriti leading a mother-child safety and health session.

3. Smriti leading a nutrition information session.

4. Smriti working with team to help bring changes to health and sanitation.

5. Part of the original stories shared-written in Nepali.


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