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A Special Little Boy

Anudan is an intelligent and handsome eight-year-old boy with a difficult story, starting even before his birth. His mother, Gita, unmarried and 19 years old at the time, had been in a six-month relationship that ended abruptly. Soon afterward, she fell from a tree while climbing to cut fodder. When she was taken to the hospital the doctor discovered that she was pregnant. Upon hearing this news, her parents forbid her to return home. Completely distraught, Gita tried to end her life there in the hospital.

Someone who knew of Gita’s predicament had friends at Nepal Mahila Bishwasi Sangh (NMBS), a place that cares deeply for women in trouble. Upon receiving her call, the staff welcomed Gita into their crisis center, offering not only lodging but also counseling and prayer. Gita needed this support desperately. Seven months pregnant, abandoned by her family and suffering from depression, she found out that her unborn baby was in serious trouble too.

Little Anudan was born with a severe cephalic disorder. Caring for him was going to require more than his mother could even begin to imagine. Although NMBS offered to help her raise him at the crisis center, she refused. Overwhelmed, she abandoned him there.

The housemother at the center could not face sending this newborn infant to the government orphanage. In her eyes he was a very special little boy. She assumed responsibility for him and became his adopted “grandmother” and caregiver. NMBS has supported them ever since by providing a monthly stipend for his food.

His loving grandmother of the past eight years says that although Anudan is disfigured and unable to sit, walk or speak on his own, he can understand her. And, on top of that, he is gentle, loving and wise.

Nepal Mahila Bishwasi Sangh (NMBS) depends upon private donations for its programs and has struggled financially during the pandemic. Furthermore, Anudan’s grandmother recently has been diagnosed with jaw cancer. The Dr. Dick Harding Charity Fund for Nepal hopes to continue our partnership with NMBS in order to help them tackle these challenges and secure support for the crisis center and for children like Anudan.


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