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Binita’s Wish

Binita comes from a village in the hills outside of the capital city of Kathmandu. She cares for two children and raises vegetables in a small patch at home. Her husband is a driver, but he has been out of work for a long time, especially during the pandemic. Like so many families in rural Nepal, they have struggled to make a living.

Console Mission, one of the partner projects of DDHCFN, offers a three-month training in sewing and basic business skills to women in need. When Binita heard about the chance to learn to sew, she jumped at it. She has successfully completed the course, and dreams of starting her own small tailoring business.

The one thing Binita needs, however, is a sewing machine.

DDHCFN has a mini-project called the “Sue Didi Sewing Kits,” named in honor of Dick’s wife Sue, who loved to sew. Trainees who have completed the sewing courses provided by DDHCFN partners (like Console Mission, Rise and Shine, and Sahara) and who demonstrate skill and commitment may apply for one of these kits. It includes a foot-pedal sewing machine, thread, scissors, fabric and other tools of the trade.

The director of Console Mission spoke with Binita about her wish… click here for a clip of that conversation.

Thanks to gifts to DDHCFN, Binita’s wish will come true — She’s getting her own sewing machine!


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